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Image by Lauren Mancke

IB CompSciNetwork is a website aimed at IB  Computer Science students and students who aspire to pursue computer science. Over the course of this website, you would have access to notes along with some multiple-choice questions for every topic in the IB Computer Science course, as well as Past Paper Questions to apply your understanding. This website would also include descriptions and links to top university webinars! and lots more to come. 


Created by a current IB Computer Science HL student, who aspires to pursue Computer Science Engineering. 

What does this network include?


Detailed Notes included for every topic followed by a few multiple-choice questions!

Past Paper Questions

Past Paper Questions included for every topic, allowing you to understand the language required.


View successful women in the computer science field and connect with them through LinkedIn

Mentoring And Counseling Services

University Advice + Links to webinars

Want to be part of this network?

Apply here if you would like to add content to this website!

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